An independent monthly publication of news, views, events and information from and for the Parish of Purton.
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Send a submission

Please send to c/o In Touch Design & Print, 2 College Road, Purton SN5 4AR tel: 01793 772954.

We welcome submissions on of a variety of subjects, providing they are of interest and relevance to our community, and are not offensive, prejudiced, derogatory or libellous in content. Our magazine has no political or religious affiliations and is an open platform for community groups and individuals to share their news and views.

The contributor’s name and address must be supplied (but may be withheld on request). Copyright must be agreed for publication in the magazine – especially those recognisable in photographs.

To guarantee consideration for inclusion in the next issue, copy must be received by the 10th of the preceding month. All contributions whether from regular or one-off sources may be subject to editing without prior notice.

The decision of the editors over the publication of any material is final.