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Delivered free to subscribers by a team of volunteers and on sale in local outlets.

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Our website features an easily searchable database of magazine advertisers. Web site visitors wanting to find a local product or service can search or use a category listing to find relevant advertisements. If you provide an email address with your advertisement information people will be able to click on this to send their enquiry. 

Purton Magazine advertising rates and copy details 2022

Circulation information:
Issues per year: 12
Target size: A5 56-80pp
Circulation: up to 1000 copies per month by subscription and retail sales
Target issue date: 1st of each month
Cover price: £1
Maximum advertising: 35% of total content

Due to space limitations advertisements of 1/2 page or larger cannot always be accepted, particularly for repeat advertisements, please contact us for availability.
Please note: advertising on inner pages is printed in mono. A full colour advertisement on the back cover carries a 30% surcharge, a full colour advertisement on the inside front or inside back cover carries as 25% surcharge, subject to availability.
Single issue: £20 1/8 page, £40 1/4 page, £60 half page, £90 3/4 page, £110 full page.
3 issues: £55 1/8 page, £100 1/4 page, £150 half page.
6 issues: £100 1/8 page, £160 1/4 page, £270 half page.
12 issues: £140 1/8 page, £250 1/4 page, £470 half page.

All advertising rates carry a 10% discount if paid within one month of the invoice date.

Initial artwork is free of charge, subsequent amendments at cost.

Advertising artwork sizes:
1/8 page: 61mm w x 45mm h
1/4 page: landscape 129mm w x 45mm h or portrait 61mm w x 93mm h
Half page: landscape 129mm w x 93mm h or portrait 61mm w x 191mm h
3/4 page: 129mm w x 142mm h
Full page: 129mm w x 191mm h

Accepted formats:
Emailed text or paper copy
jpeg/PNG/tiff/eps files at 300dpi, actual size, no compression.
Hi-res PDF
MS Word (please note, if you wish to retain a particular font style save file as a PDF)
Open Office document

Advertising artwork or copy can be sent by:
Email to: or
Post to: Purton Magazine c/o InTouch Design & Print, 2 College Road, Purton SN5 4AR